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The Nicest Job in Britain
The Nicest Job in Britain was first developed alongside the ethical energy consultancy, UA. With a purpose to ‘Do More Good’ - we saw an opportunity to push that message out to the public and create impact within the not-for-profit industry.


The initiative was simple, to find someone with a natural drive to help others and to put them in an environment to give the best they can offer to hard working charities across the UK. We launched a nationwide campaign to find UA’s National Philanthropy Manager, named the Nicest Job in Britain.

That role would see them travel the country for 12 months, visiting a different charity each week, to help out in whichever way required. The purpose of the role and campaign was to bring awareness to the many good causes and people around the country. Supported by UA, Turkish Airlines and Hollywood Monster & British Gas, this lucrative job offer aimed to excite a well-deserved winner.

A generous salary to keep things moving.

A change-making £2,500 donation to personal chosen charity.

A car for travels across the country.

Return flights to destination of choice plus holiday allowance.

Comfortable accommodation for each stay.
The recruitment campaign was launched using various strategic platforms to reach to the right people, with applications coming in from as far as Australia, Cambodia, Columbia and Uganda.

Video content became the core driver for the whole campaign, from job applications to weekly blogs and updates - all contributing to the digital communication path for followers to keep track of the ‘nicest jobs’ story.

Candidates were asked to apply online with a 60 second video entry, highlighting why they would be best person for the job. Applications were made public, allowing candidates to campaign for votes and build a network amongst like-minded philanthropists.

A shortlist of 8 entries were invited to interview in front a panel of judges including representatives of UA & British Gas. In the same evening, the winner was announced, with Luke Cameron taking the title as UA’s National Philanthropy manager in 2015.

After just week one, the exposure rocketed and reach became stronger each week. Luke’s help within charities was not only hands on, but he also helped in lead in strategic processes within the charities themselves.

Press engagement reached a national level, with appearances on primetime TV including BBC Breakfast and Good Morning Britain in front of millions of morning viewers.

After a full year, the campaign became recognised as a finalist for the Drum Marketing Awards, 2015.

This project was developed and managed at VIVA Worldwide, in partnership with UA.

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles