Art Direction

Established in 2002, Utility Aid supports charities and third sector organisations with the energy procurement within the United Kingdom.

After many years of growth, there was a lack of strategic direction on how to lead into the future and influence the dynamic of the industry.

Having charity at the heart of operations, a clear purpose was required to resonate with those sectors - Utility Aid became UA and the brand purpose ‘Do More Good’ was formed.

The strategy progressed to elevate the perceived value of the business, removing price as a key indicator and offering transparency as a brand as the hook.


We defined what energy meant to key stakeholders, it’s not just power supply; it’s the input from people, time, resources and money. Efficiency is about doing things in the right way, at every level in the organisation to ensure the best performance possible. When combined, we create a powerful outcome to lead the business into a new generation.

Internally - we directed a three stage process on the ground to enhance the working relationship between UA and its customers.


Pre-investigate the requirement & why is needs to change.


Review current usage and outline potential areas to utilise.


implement the change with positive impact

A new brand style was created to reflect the new direction, aimed to steer away from the corporate standard into a more human and ethical approach.

Earth Symbol
Plus Symbol
Design developed for online, marketing materials and interior design. It was clear from the beginning that people formed the brand approach, so creating an environment to perform was crucial. Spaces were clearly marked with collaborative areas having soft furnishings for people to come together naturally. The addition of revitalising plants, stimulating refreshments to inspire initiative and create a united workforce.

The internal handbook became the go-to guide for employees, allowing them to engage with the brand at their own level and encourage their own initiatives, such as spending two days each year with a charity or organisation of their choice to ‘do more good’.

Our partnership with UA extended beyond the brand, with the initiative of the Nicest Job in Britain - where UA was the core sponsor for year one.

This project was delivered at VIVA Worldwide, lead in partnership with Simon Hall, Gary Blowers and Giles Hankinson, CEO of UA.

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles