Art Direction

Switch DXB
Dubai succeeds itself as a place for better quality of life, open to nations across the world, becoming an international hub for business and leisure.

The leisure, wellbeing and fitness industry forms a major role in the Dubai economy, contributing to the daily lifestyle for locals and expatriates.

Switch DXB is a community based platform, bringing together industry experts from around the emirate into one digital platform – enabling people to explore and book a service, class or experience.

My role was to create the brand and build its purpose for the industry and market. Switch means to act differently, to lead a path to live a lifestyle for the better and take advantage of the experiences Dubai has to offer.

Many partners (service providers) remain unheard of. With Switch, not only do we make them available to book on the mobile app - we provide a marketing service, from video production to social media initiatives.

The journey for SwitchDXB continues to thrive, as the network continues to grow and the technology continues to mature.  Along with this, investment opportunities are already in motion to launch in Hong Kong and Singapore. Commercial partnerships include Emaar Hospitality, Emirates Airlines & other major hotel groups.

I currently lead as head of design for Switch DXB, directing content, messaging, social media, production, leading internal brand workshops and support in business development.

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles