Nexus People Group
With an ever changing oil and gas market, it is vital to become dynamic in the business and industry in order to succeed.

Nexus People Group (originally OCB before rebrand) approached us to help in their global growth uniting three individual companies into one core brand.

Our focus was simple, to lead a company for organic growth with a lucrative position for future acquisition targets. Working closely with the leadership team across five countries, we developed a brand strategy and identity that supported the commercial vision of the group of businesses.

The core offering was HR and recruitment for suppliers of oil and gas - managing the manpower and turnover of resources to keep the industry moving and innovating.

Nexus was formed, portraying a combined ethic of function, process and environment which ultimately inspired the visual identity for the brand.


Demonstrating a union of people and management - with both colours serving a purpose for both.

An industry reference of the drill, that works in motion to get the job done.

A representation of the sea - rooting back to our market of off-shore rigs.

Our delivery continued, distinguishing the brand values and purpose for key audiences and creating a digital presence. The key marketing strategy was to elevate the brand with case studies, PR and asserting the brand values on an external level.






Brand guidelines extended beyond the logo, colours and fonts, we set the standard for office interior implementation - ensuring an environment to collaborate with our developed values and purpose.

This project was created at VIVA Worldwide, with project lead alongside George Gulay, CEO, Nexus Group.

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles