Turkish Airlines
Flying to over 250 destinations, Turkish Airlines is one of the largest carriers in the world, offering an array of experiences to travellers all across the globe.

Although global, Turkish Airlines had a focus to connect with local audiences and to increase social engagement directly with customers within the UK.

In a bid to push a following, we created and delivered a twitter treasure hunt - inviting people to follow @UKTurkish to solve clues being tweeting about Turkish Airlines destinations.

The first letter of each solved destination can then be taken and rearranged to reveal a secret location in Birmingham, UK. The first to arrive at the secret location wins a pair of return flight tickets to any Turkish Airlines destination.

As each week progressed the momentum multiplied, transforming @UKTurkish into a viral following rather than a place to express negative experiences and manage service issues (other Turkish Airlines accounts available for these occasions).

Not only did we gain influx of social followers, we were able to establish temporary brand ambassadors who would tell their winning stories and highlight how Turkish Airlines ‘widen their worlds’.

Gaining the support of key influencers was a high priority in order to excel the campaign and achieve a strong level of engagement. Local media and publications were used to leverage outreach alongside key brand partnerships with Aston Villa Football Club, Trinity Mirror and local Business Networks.

This project was delivered at VIVA Worldwide, alongside Selim Ozturk, General Manager, Turkish Airlines UK

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles